‘Back to Basics’

by Ciar McCormick

stress clinics are hospitals too

             I’ve never been admitted

                          but I’d never admit it


Drink good wine on your own

But remember:                             Sinning makes you improper for a thrown


Return to the basics

A novel idea wasted

                                        Exploring the inside of my eyelids

The expense of loneliness weighs on the solar plexus

Isn’t that a bit much?


Catastrophe is all around

But maybe that’s just the current affairs

Read the news, do the crosswords, believe


Hell on earth is looking at men’s penises by the urinals


Stories of personal growth are disgusting

                                                                 Inner turmoil?                          Obnoxious

                                                                 Sinning stains the whole way through


Come back Major Tom, come back

This ground was never under control

And there’s space enough for us all here

                                                                              in the gutter

The Poor Print

The Oriel College Newspaper. Run by students, with contributions from the JCR, MCR, and SCR & Staff. Current Executive Editors: Tom Davy, Joanna Engle and Chris Hill

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