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Autumn [3/4]

by Leo Gillard The sunlight was streaming through the trees, dappling the ground with ever-shifting patterns. As they walked, Sasha in front and Zach next to him just behind her, leaves steadily fell from the trees with every gust of wind. Further off in the distance, Arthur could hear Willow somewhere in the stream. Well, […]

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by Monim Wains Skin pulled tight with springs and coils tense and stiff. Cold attic on a dry winter day, lit only by moon-blue beams that cut a chill in your chest. Each breath ebbing out in gasps. Anguish for a single sunlit ribbon to swim through it all, awashing you in warmth. To lay […]

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Dragon and Butterfly

by The Lone Pencil The futuristic dragon looks up at the butterfly, which flies down in the midst of a ray of light. We do not know what the dragon thinks. Will he eat the butterfly? Or is he admiring the tiny creature and the perfect moment?  Dragons do not spend all their time hunting, treasuring or fighting […]

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My Mother Runs in Zig-Zags: A Review

by Samanwita Sen When walking away after watching a performance of My Mother Runs in Zig-Zags, perhaps the most lasting impression one is left with is how seamlessly and intricately the play has been put together. It’s no secret that, when watching the play, every note that is struck, every movement that is executed, and every […]

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