Bright Stars

by David K. Asamoah Oh starry night, I look at you and swoonEnchanted by your ever constant gaze Your numberless glowing orbs watch o’er the ruin Of sleeping souls held in a somnolent haze Not all are blessed to lose into that scent Some run past dawn and miss that gorgeous highBut while the odour […]

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A Farewell from the Editors: Nostalgia

by Michael Angerer The end of the academic year is upon us, vacation-time is about to break out, and so it is time to look back fondly upon our term as Executive Editors of The Poor Print: it is time for nostalgia. You might think that the word ‘nostalgia’ has ancient roots; you would be wrong. […]

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Flower Press

Text and Photograph by Megan Bowler It seemed a waste to let the petals fall and wither,to grace and mingle with the hoovered dust.There was a selfishness in keeping a flower,cut and vased and terminal. Doomed, they bloomed a frail week,irredeemable, and yet I could not part with the remainder. Crushed and crispened under weighty […]

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