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‘Sade: Attacking the Sun’

Our woman in Paris delves into the Musée d’Orsay’s exploration of the dark, sexual underworld of one of the West’s most perverted thinkers – and comes out disappointed, unsatisfied, and bored. ‘Sex Sells’ – that’s what we’re always told, and that’s clearly something that the Musée d’Orsay are eagerly aware of. The provocative promotional video […]

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Original Music Compositions

Utterly provoking and lyrically fantastic – take a moment to check out some of Ed Wren’s original compositions. This is music that demands serious listening that simply can’t be missed!

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Oxford Jazz: A ‘Comprehensible’ Survey

When our parents were young, and punk-rock had captured the hearts and minds of a generation, there must have existed at least one or two thoughtful individuals who would have mused at some point or other, disillusioned with the heady musical vogues of their own day; “whatever did happen to jazz anyway?” But these days, […]

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#Stop Torture: Amnesty International Student Conference 2014

This weekend, the Human Rights Action Centre, the headquarters of Amnesty International UK, situated in London, played host to the annual nation-wide conference for the plurality of university Amnesty groups extant across the United Kingdom. As a very recent recruit of Amnesty International Oxford, I was privileged to take part in what was not only […]

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I beheaded a word in trying to modify it for the better: A sudden detachment of a letter-limb. A good intention ending in orthographic disaster. The ‘v’, shocked, severed with the presence of a ‘p’, a bilabial blade, stares at the rest of its mutated corpse: ‘iolence’. Ticking like a death knell, the cursor hovers […]

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