Artwork, Comic


by Joe Gardiner A brief look into the images that burn into the retina from prolonged exposure to Oxford. Detailed from top to bottom are: -My daily walk to the Maths institute for a morning lecture -The weekly walk back from Oxford University CompSoc at some silly time in the morning, having stayed down at […]

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Editors 2016-2018

by Joe Gardiner: an MS Paint sketch of the two Executive Editors from 2016-17, and the three taking over the role in 2017-18. Left to right: Christopher Hill, Joanna Engle, Tom Davy, Aidan Chivers, Alex Waygood.  

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Artwork, Photography, Poetry

‘The Tree in Third Quad’

Poetry and Photography by Christopher Hill I wonder about the tree in third quad. I wonder how many students have seen it grow. How many fresh-from-school students. How many just-back-from-Chequers students. How many off-to-first-lecture students. How many starting-to-miss-home students. How many new-term-new-me students. How many just-five-more-minutes students. How many rushing-off-to-lecture students. How many swatting-for-next-collections students. […]

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