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In Hilary Term 2013, two students from Oriel College, Niamh Alice and Katie Ebner-Landy, decided to start a college newspaper, written by and for the students of the college. After a term of sourcing, writing, collating, editing and finally printing, the first issue of The Poor Print was released – to indubitably great acclaim.

After a year’s interregnum in 2013-14, The Poor Print returned from Michaelmas 2014 in a new guise – as an online newspaper – and since Michaelmas 2015 has additionally been published fortnightly in print. Still run by students, the core aim is promoting and stimulating art, culture and free-thinking on a wide range of subjects, from the comic, serious and quotidian happenings of collegiate life to global events, developments and sensations. Content consists of a hugely wide variety of written, visual, and aural creativity, including news, poetry, photography, science, comment, drawing, music, events and entertainment.

The Poor Print‘s ethos is based on attempting to get as many people as involved as  possible and thereby to offer a broad range of perspectives and insights into a portion of what goes on amid the essays, problem sheets and lectures which, if left unchecked, invariably subsume the Oxford calendar. Our full constitution can be viewed here.


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