by Tom Davy   “There’ll be hell toupee” We joked eight months ago in May While remarking on the putrid tan That could orange the seven seas.   And we were laughing to the end, Drinking and laughing, watching A map become increasingly red in the face. “It’s alright, we only need Florida” With another […]

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A Tale of Cats and Dogs

Text & Illustration by Tacita McCoy-Parkhill In all the years we have owned this dog, we’ve never bothered to teach her tricks. The one thing we have drilled into her head however, is sitting. She squats obediently, muzzle high in the air, and waits for the Good Thing that is sure to come. The other […]

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Is Language Sexist? Is Sexism Linguistic?

by Anna Wawrzonkowska Do we think what we say, or do we say what we think? The difference is slim, but extremely important. In other words, the dilemma could be phrased as: is language shaped by our thoughts and opinions, or does it shape them? The visual statement made by the graph above is clear and […]

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Slow Travel: A Journey Northwards

by Tobias Thornes The North wasn’t designed for travellers. Even in a warming world, where my arrival was met with bitterly weeping rain that would have been snow in a more typical November – if ‘typical’ still exists any more – Canada is not a country easily traversed. As I wended my slow way northwards, […]

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A Common Problem

by Amanda Higgin Xanda and I are queuing for the Ladies’ during the interval of the Rocky Horror Show (which is no longer showing at New Theatre, I’m afraid, but here’s a tip for if you ever see it: you’d think wearing more clothes than everyone else would make you feel less vulnerable, but if […]

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