by Emma McIntyre Fie! Away, mournful silence!It is you again, who finds comfort in the uniform greys;The faded names. The eroded stone; you, alone.Sunrise, sunset. Son, brother, friend. You continue; crushing souls beneath your feetUntil you pause at mine, and studyThe inscription above my headThrough the sky’s deluge and through my marrow.Letters carved into immortal […]

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Humour, Prose

‘Dear Beary…’ [6]

by Beary McBearface Beary McBearface, treasured Oriel mascot and JCR staple, is here to help you with your troubles. In this column,  Beary will attempt to find solutions to your little college worries; trust him, he’s seen it all. All you need to do is email thepoorprint@oriel.ox.ac.uk with the subject line ‘Dear Beary’, and if […]

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Comment, Prose

The Spirit of Societies

by Anonymous The granting of privileges to drinking societies is incompatible with a College ethos of inclusivity and equality. A contradiction lies at the very heart of the justification for College offering privileges to drinking societies. Two conceptions of these clubs are offered; neither of these are adequate and it is only through the unjustified […]

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Creative Writing, Poetry, Prose

Love Says

by Monim Wains Love has a thousand shades from the mellowest yellow to the deepest red. It paints the grey wrinkles of a face onto a canvas, traced with lolling eyes and a lazy smile. Love. Passion and heat, calm warmth, drowning emotion and friendship. Inside jokes and a decade of moments, threads of memories […]

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Creative Writing, Prose

Summer [2/4]

by Leo Gillard It was mid-June, and the sun was probably burning the back of Sasha’s neck by now. She’d regret it later, but right now she couldn’t bring herself to care all that much. No, her priority was the ground in front of her: weaving her fingers through the warm earth, rooting out the […]

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Interview, Prose

JCR Peer Supporters: George Mundy

Interview by Michael Angerer George Mundy, our first peer supporter to be interviewed for The Poor Print, is from the ‘lovely little pseudo-village’ of Hampton Hill. He is in his second year of studying Biochemistry, and he plays lacrosse, basketball, and Nintendo. George lives in the Dolls House in Third Quad, in 12.5, and is […]

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