On Hope

by David Asamoah The youngest of the last remaining three,Junior to Faith that moves the sun and starsAnd second ranked to Love that endures scarsSo that others may know its riches freeBut if not for Hope’s love which heart would seeBeyond the bleak heavens which Faith moved so?If not with Hope how much would small […]

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Creative Writing, Poetry, Prose


by Monim Wains You stood at the bottom of the waterfall, pelted by the deluge, punches of weight pounding down on your bones, thumping a tonne on your shoulders. You had been brought to the forest some time ago; not out of your own volition, but by those who decreed that you should exist. Like […]

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Hope Within Oriel

by Oriel College Supporters Hope is a powerful thing, but it can sometimes be hard to come by, especially in a university where there is so much going on so much of the time. In the midst of it all, when you need a break and a chat, the college’s Peer Supporters are here to […]

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Killing the Dragon

by Michael Angerer The world we live in certainly appears to be a dangerous place these days: a single glance at the news is enough to distract us from our petty worries about busy Oxford terms or a slightly less busy year abroad. Every headline promises another debacle, from Brexit to Syria to whatever President […]

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Creative Writing, Prose

Apart [1/4]

by Leo Gillard He’d never dared think about something like hope. Hope was for fools, for those reaching out in the dark, expecting nothing but still seeing everything, somehow. He didn’t have the luxury to entertain something so trivial, so baseless, so- Orion hoped for many things. He knew the hope was futile. He hated […]

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