Important People You’ve Never Heard Of

As a computer scientist, Alan Turing is a man I personally have much and more to thank for. The recent release of ‘The Imitation Game’ – a film I can wholeheartedly recommend – has placed his life and work into the limelight. Yet the achievements of other  computing heroes are not widely recognised. These remarkable […]

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OAM & OPS present ‘The Body Electric’

One knows by now that entering a student art exhibition in Oxford is a move made at one’s own peril, as there is always the risk of leaving with a lingering awe-ache inspired by the talent it hosts. Tuesday night was no deviation from the norm. Collaborating to provide us with a tasteful mix of artistic […]

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“Better jade shattered than clay intact”

The following are two fictional monologues, written from the point of view of two prominent figures in Hong Kong. Benny Tai is a professor of constitutional law at the University of Hong Kong and the initiator of the Occupy Central Civil Disobedience movement. Jasper Tsang is the President of the Legislative Council. Please note: the […]

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A master class with visiting musician Tim Garland

As Christmas festivities gradually turn the academic battle in favour of the hardworking student, last week jazz musicians and enthusiasts alike welcomed reinforcement in the form of a delightful master class given by the college’s visiting musician, Tim Garland. Audience and performers gathered in anticipation of an evening of musical instruction and production that offered something to […]

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