Artwork, Photography

Penumbral Eclipse

by Domenic Peake These images show the earth’s shadow cast on the moon during the penumbral eclipse on the 10th of January, which occurs when the earth blocks some of the light from the sun shining on the moon. It was not very obvious on the night but if you really squinted you could just […]

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Artwork, Photography, Prose

Flower Press

Text and Photograph by Megan Bowler It seemed a waste to let the petals fall and wither,to grace and mingle with the hoovered dust.There was a selfishness in keeping a flower,cut and vased and terminal. Doomed, they bloomed a frail week,irredeemable, and yet I could not part with the remainder. Crushed and crispened under weighty […]

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Artwork, Photography, Poetry

‘The Tree in Third Quad’

Poetry and Photography by Christopher Hill I wonder about the tree in third quad. I wonder how many students have seen it grow. How many fresh-from-school students. How many just-back-from-Chequers students. How many off-to-first-lecture students. How many starting-to-miss-home students. How many new-term-new-me students. How many just-five-more-minutes students. How many rushing-off-to-lecture students. How many swatting-for-next-collections students. […]

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