A Divided Hong Kong: Lessons from a Fractured Society

by Jonathon Yeung I was barely a year old on June 30th, 1997. In the final hours before China regained sovereignty at midnight, the last governor of Hong Kong, Chris Patten, gave his farewell address on a windswept stage in the heart of the city. Amidst the pouring rain, he offered a message of hope, […]

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twenty-eight point three

by Jennifer Potter Clutching at cold tea, Recalling regurgitated emotion. A toast to our former selves, Sipping to transfer sentiment, Ease past pain. Each taste transporting to a coffee shop Artificially lit: maroon and sawdust and stilted conversation With a cup cradled in my hands like a shield, Anticipating effort echoing in emptiness. Every swallow […]

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Paper Cups and Pottery

by Amanda Higgin Xanda and I are meeting up in first week, perched on the steps of the Martyrs’ Monument with our takeaway paper cups in hand, making the most of the transitory British sunshine. In an effort to turn the conversation away from the looming threat of my Prelims, Xanda ventures the extracurricular line of […]

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Cut-Price Cuisine: Cheat’s Penne Primavera

by Alice Correia Morton Although I didn’t give myself enough time to make this recipe vegan, it is completely vegetarian. The key ingredient of the dish is one of Tesco’s pre-prepared medleys of ‘vegetables with herbed butter’, particularly the one comprised of asparagus, edamame beans and tender stem broccoli etc.. It tends to be in the […]

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Slow Travel: A Point of Fracture

by Tobias Thornes Saint Petersburg was famously said to be the most ‘intentional’ city in the world. In some respects it has always resembled more symbol than settlement: the symbol of what its founder, Peter the Great, wanted his Russia to be in 1703; the symbol of an artificially Europeanised ‘western’ Russian culture under the […]

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Fracture: a Playlist

by Georgia Robson. Listen to the playlist on Spotify here. Often, we would think of ‘fracture’ in music to be negative. Smooth, slick and overproduced pop has been the order of the charts for quite some time now.  Yet there are many great artists who challenge this. To me, fracture has three possible meanings in […]

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