Management Team

Executive Editors & Treasurers – Alex Waygood & Aidan Chivers

Formatting & Publishing – Lucy Mellor

Social Media Team – Emma Gilpin, Georgia Robson & Alex Waygood

Secretary & Social Secretary – Jennifer Potter

In-House Graphics Designer – Christopher Hill

Copy-Editing Team

Alex Waygood

Aidan Chivers

Lucy Mellor

Joanna Engle

Madeleine Pollard

Jennifer Potter

Francesca Di Lorenzo

Emma Gilpin

Lucy Gibbons

Georgia Robson

Tess Leyland

Juliet Butcher

Shay Vera-Cruz

Other Regular Contributors

Tobias Thornes

Anna Wawrzonkowska

Lizzie Searle

Tom Davy

Christy Callaway-Gale

Tacita Mccoy-Parkhill

Amanda Higgin

Along with the many other members of the Oriel community who contribute to The Poor Print.