Management Team

Executive Editors & Treasurers – Alex Waygood & Aidan Chivers

Formatting & Publishing – Lucy Mellor

Social Media Team – Emma Gilpin, Georgia Robson & Alex Waygood

Secretary & Social Secretary – Jennifer Potter

In-House Graphics Designer – Christopher Hill

Copy-Editing Team

Alex Waygood

Aidan Chivers

Lucy Mellor

Joanna Engle

Madeleine Pollard

Jennifer Potter

Francesca Di Lorenzo

Emma Gilpin

Lucy Gibbons

Georgia Robson

Tess Leyland

Other Regular Contributors

Tobias Thornes

Anna Wawrzonkowska

Lizzie Searle

Tom Davy

Christy Callaway-Gale

Tacita Mccoy-Parkhill

Amanda Higgin

Along with the many other members of the Oriel community who contribute to The Poor Print.