‘Other Gods’

by Tom Saer Do I forgive you for your animals in a fury of cigarette pavements? Neptune’s lieutenant rarely if ever evident acted out of nothing but a carbon paroxysm Give me a pen pot prophecy about some lighter worry something along the lines of the lines of the the sugar made me forget what […]

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Roughly Elementary

by Michael Angerer The City of Oxford has a sad reputation for its particularly high number of homeless people; according to city council data, 61 rough sleepers were recorded in 2017, up from 33 in 2016. At the beginning of February this year, the city council had to activate its Severe Weather Emergency Protocol in […]

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Pushing Up Through the Pavement

by Chloe Jacobs In an alcove before the Rad Cam, there has been a shipwreck. Some small vessel has run aground on the cobblestones and left the debris of life behind, floating on thin waves of pure foam. Or, perhaps, these are the remains of an ancient civilisation. Great Pyramids have spilled onto English pavements, […]

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Ishtar: A Review

Poignant, dark, and fun – Ishtar is proof that age does not matter, and that some stories are timeless. Bringing to life of one of the oldest poems in the world from Ancient Mesopotamia, Ishtar tells the story of the eponymous Goddess of Love and War (Leela Jadhav) as she ventures into the underworld to […]

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