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The Tears of an African Run Inside

by Atinuke Olu-Lutherking The silver streaks in her hair glistened in the white light. I stared into her kola-nut coloured eyes. Her delicate wrinkles softened as she smiled. I couldn’t help but grin at her. She couldn’t help but smile at me. Life was sweet. The door creaked open. A woman strolled in. Suddenly, the […]

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Cecil Rhodes and the Commemoration of the Past: Further Reading

By Dr Ian Forrest, Fellow in History at Oriel College. This guide to resources was originally presented to those at Oriel’s internal 14/01/17 meeting on the appropriate means of contextualising the college’s statue of Cecil Rhodes. For a complete list of references cited in The Poor Print‘s report, see here. The Myth of Rhodes: a Special Report […]

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