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Love Note to Oxford

by Shirley Russell I suppose it should come as no surprise that I’ve fallen completely in love with you. After all, this is a return and not an introduction. I’ve seen you before; I’ve seen your spires and your streets and your narrow little lanes and cosy coffee shops. I’ve been in your libraries and […]

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Shopping at Temples – ‘Cathedrals of Commerce’

by Jacob Warn It was over breakfast one morning when one of those debates that zooms around the topics of religion, happiness and capitalism took place. In the course of this discussion, I suggested (and let us ignore the context for the sake of brevity) how similar malls and shopping centres are to churches and temples; […]

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by Jacob Warn   At Pusey House entrances and exits on a scene: entranced by sober vigilance, pagan minutiae the wings – a hollow, chamber space Mark me! Penitent face. Stand, a side-long and, wait, now in with lengthy stick or bowed head. Execute all impatient not we who sit and watch this play. A […]

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