twenty-eight point three

by Jennifer Potter Clutching at cold tea, Recalling regurgitated emotion. A toast to our former selves, Sipping to transfer sentiment, Ease past pain. Each taste transporting to a coffee shop Artificially lit: maroon and sawdust and stilted conversation With a cup cradled in my hands like a shield, Anticipating effort echoing in emptiness. Every swallow […]

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Creative Writing, Prose

Talking Revolution Over Coffee

by Amanda Higgin Xanda and I sit in armchairs, chatting across a café table as the rain drizzles down the window beside us. The café is humid from drying coats, but we have been here long enough to have warmed up. “I’ve finally gotten into Hamilton,” I offer in a momentary quiet. “Congratulations!” Xanda smiles. […]

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Culture, Prose

On Sticks (and narratives of self-transference)

by Jacob Warn It was in the coffee-house that I fell asleep and had a dream – horrible thing – about bowing technique. It put me in the awkward position of teacher, teacher to my own family, and forced upon me the undeserved task of explaining the up and down bow. Try as I might, […]

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