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The ‘Learn to Code’ Problem

by Ashok Menon Access is a hurdle that the computing industry has been struggling to overcome for many years. With no mandatory teaching in schools and tangentially related subjects, like ICT, providing a skewed and often unfavourable impression of the subject, many leave school with at best a mild disinterest and at worst an active […]

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On the Perils of Skyping

by Giorgio Scherrer “The green light’s looking at you, kid.” “Here’s looking at you, kid”, Humphrey Bogart famously told Ingrid Bergmann in Casablanca, and even if you haven’t seen the movie (shame on you), one thing’s clear from that line: it was shot in the pre-Skype era. Innocent and foolish as they are, here’s what […]

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Important People You’ve Never Heard Of

As a computer scientist, Alan Turing is a man I personally have much and more to thank for. The recent release of ‘The Imitation Game’ – a film I can wholeheartedly recommend – has placed his life and work into the limelight. Yet the achievements of other  computing heroes are not widely recognised. These remarkable […]

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