The Changing Role of the International Volunteer on the Aegean Islands

by Jacob Warn, former Executive Editor, currently volunteering with refugees on the Greek island of Chios The refugee crisis has brought populations all over Europe to a breaking point of intolerance. Local populations, once welcoming, have lost their patience, evidenced on Chios, a Greek island separated from Turkey by five kilometres of water. Here, as elsewhere, […]

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Decline and Fall: Putting It Back Together Again!

by George Prew How do we put together the history, society and beliefs of a civilisation from which we have no (or very few) written records? Such is the case with the Etruscans (the Italians before the Italians moved to Italy) and the Mycenaeans (the Greeks before the Greeks moved to Greece). After all, what […]

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Sparagmos – A Review

by Matthew Hull Maenads – or Bacchants, as they are often known – have for years captivated the very artists who have captivated us; their raw, unadulterated frenzy presents a vision of sheer human nature which is at once seductive and horrific. So as I sat in Exeter Chapel on Thursday evening for a double-bill […]

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