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I Want Thee Back – The Jackson V

A Shakespearian Sonnet Translation by Jade Tinslay   J.V In bygone days thy love I held alone and thought it ever would to me belong. I spurned thy company and will atone thy face I could not count in beauty’s throng. Alas, another sought thee at first sight, ’tis past the hour for me to gaze […]

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Eating Disorder – OWA 2015 Winner

This entry was the winner of the Oriel Writing Awards: Poetry Category for 2015. Congratulations! *** Eating Disorder – Jade Tinslay   Wear me on your lips, your delectable hips, my opulent weight a fine coat draped over your craving bones.   Let me nestle about your thighs, glaze your eyes. Let me taste you, […]

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