Dido, Queen of Carthage

by Juliet Butcher varium et mutabile semper femina (Aeneid IV.569-70) Whistle-wet and wind-whipped and smarting with salt, the air bursts lungs – clean lungs, lungs clear and full – and cuts, slicing quick across face, stinging stiff and garrotte-sharp like the cords of a ship, as she stands on the citadel and watches. Gleaming sky […]

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Safe Spaces and Student Protest

by Juliet Butcher. Box by Alex Waygood. The Myth of Rhodes: A Special Report The Myth of Rhodes: Editoriel Rhodes: A Perspective Rhodes Must Fall: A Timeline Putting Rhodes in His Place Iconography Campaigns: A Global Perspective Safe Spaces and Student Protest Complete Bibliography for the Report Dr Ian Forrest: Guide to Further Reading Facebook […]

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