Humour, Prose

University Survival Guide

by Ruida Ding Time Management Strive to study in a systematic manner, for example by following a schedule to work a fixed amount of time each day. With sufficient advance planning, one can avoid working late into the night and circumvent all-nighters. Career Make use of Michaelmas term to converse with firms which interest you. […]

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1/1440 rpm

by Ruida Ding   Lay me down Sumptuous covers, queen size bed Scrumptious lover, cheeks brick-red Pull me closer You’ve won it   Online blog Epistemology Cocktail bar Ethnography Received your Master of Art and Science in Anthropology A thousand names in your biography Overqualified to explore my Biology   Desires orchestrated Intimacy engineered Don […]

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Poetry, Prose

Destination / Extermination

by Ruida Ding   Four past twelve. ‘Forty-two seconds left to make it to the Exam  Schools’; I took in a last eyeful of the resplendent Oxonian  architecture and let out a deep long sigh, ‘My sincerest gratitude,  dearest punctual lecturer.’ A swarm of students made the beeline for the  Bodleian transport booths and I […]

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