The Naked ‘I’

by Lizzie Searle Every day I sport a cloak, A cloak I wear but do not own. I fashioned it from want and smoke And it clothes each frail bone. And with that cloak of smoke and blight, I wear a heart pinned to my cuff. Only to remove at night That sad and desperate […]

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My Perfect Life: A Careful and Complex Design

by Emma Gilpin The squares line up evenly and perfectly, forming a beautifully neat grid which I can scroll through, a photographic record of all the best moments of my life from the ages of 15 to 19. Four years of my little life, cherry picked to create a filtered reel of selected highlights. This […]

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Like A Rolling Stone

by Lucy Mellor “Looked in the mirror, I don’t know who I am anymore; The face is familiar, but the eyes, The eyes give it all away” -James, Out to Get You Everything I see touches me, and changes me in a million minute ways and refuses to let me be the same. No matter […]

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On Sticks (and narratives of self-transference)

by Jacob Warn It was in the coffee-house that I fell asleep and had a dream – horrible thing – about bowing technique. It put me in the awkward position of teacher, teacher to my own family, and forced upon me the undeserved task of explaining the up and down bow. Try as I might, […]

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