Highlights of 2016

A selection of some of 2016’s most popular articles on our website ‘Oxford: A café map’ – Sophie Barnes   Oriel Interviews: “I like to be popular…”   ‘Misinformation in the Rhodes Campaign’ – Madeline Briggs   ‘Periods, Taboos and Female Shame’ – Emma Gilpin   ‘Chicken Run or Ritual Slaughter’ – Jacob Warn   ‘Remembering […]

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Culture, Prose

The Case for Zero Waste

by Sophie Barnes We have produced more plastic in the last ten years than we have over the last hundred, yet it takes approximately 500-1000 years to degrade. Zero Waste is an attempt to reduce what we throw out to zero, making our lives 100% sustainable. It’s a growing online community. The Zero Waste Bloggers […]

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Gandalf, Apparition and Wellies – OWA 2015 Winner

This entry was the winner of the Oriel Writing Awards: Prose Category for the year 2015. *** Gandalf, Apparition and Wellies – by Sophie Barnes I sat in a world. Only two things I knew. It was good, and Gandalf was there. Next thing, we all apparated back to this world. Except it wasn’t apparition. Everyone kept […]

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Arts and Science: A False Dichotomy?

by Sophie Barnes In 1959, the British scientist and novelist C. P. Snow, in his book The Two Cultures and the Scientific Divide, famously bemoaned the division between art and science in western intellectual society. He expressed how he felt intellectuals in the arts would express their ‘incredulity at the illiteracy of scientists’ at social events (I […]

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