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Fragm[entary t]houghts

by Caroline Ball Imagine yourself years from now, when by a freak coincidence all recordings of the Star Wars films have been lost. All that survives are brief extracts…from the prequels. Sounds horrifying? I’m only just getting started. Not only have you lost 90% of the original material, but no single surviving clip is longer […]

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Saving Mr Binks

by Jacob Warn As I levitated bread to my mouth this morning, it was to my horror that I peered into the dropped-jaw-orifices of my breakfast companions. Porridge dripped off the teeth of one; sausage skin coated another’s; sanguine tomato ketchup slathered around the interior of Peter Gent’s. I had just professed love for my […]

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The Taxonomy of Team Building

by Peter Gent One of the great benefits of playing massively multiplayer online role playing games, commonly known as MMOs or MMORPGs, is learning about teamwork. My first MMO was World of Warcraft, which I played on my roommate’s account while he was at work. My Night Elf, named Mat, was a tall, muscular rogue […]

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