Tea and Obstinacy

by Amanda Higgin Xanda and I sit in my new room in college, catching up on our vacations while the kettle boils. We both agree that the increase in floor space is nice, but my view has downgraded from the cherry tree outside St Mary’s to the college’s exterior wall, with its brick patchwork of […]

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twenty-eight point three

by Jennifer Potter Clutching at cold tea, Recalling regurgitated emotion. A toast to our former selves, Sipping to transfer sentiment, Ease past pain. Each taste transporting to a coffee shop Artificially lit: maroon and sawdust and stilted conversation With a cup cradled in my hands like a shield, Anticipating effort echoing in emptiness. Every swallow […]

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Culture, Prose

The Fourth Hour

by Elizabeth Stell & George Prew Four o’clock. Halfway through the afternoon, halfway between lunch and supper, it is undeniably time for the greatest and most British of pleasures. This important ritual revives your attention, eroded by three hours of constant reading or writing and allows for a justifiable fifteen minutes, and a cup of […]

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