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What You Think Will Happen

by Michael Angerer Every ending is an invitation to look forward. As we move through time, the impenetrable murk ahead, like infinite layers of cobwebs, resolves into wispy strands of memory that trail behind us; and with every new layer we brush aside, we hope to get a glimpse of the next. This, ultimately, is […]

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by Christy Callaway-Gale It’s Sunday. Last Sunday. My entire bedroom is in our car, there’s a bike wheel next to my head and I have that unsettled, excited feeling as spires emerge overhead. Oriel helpers with their colourful t-shirts offer to carry my bags, both my parents cry as they say goodbye to me and […]

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On Sticks (and narratives of self-transference)

by Jacob Warn It was in the coffee-house that I fell asleep and had a dream – horrible thing – about bowing technique. It put me in the awkward position of teacher, teacher to my own family, and forced upon me the undeserved task of explaining the up and down bow. Try as I might, […]

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