Cryptic Crossword

by Hamish Dodd


1. Flowers left chess mob sorry to be so moved. (6,8)

9. Art Virgos, somehow high above us, wrote The Rite. (4,10)

10. Allusion changed slightly for deep respect. (9)

11. South Africa after uniform of country. (3)

13. Average day of this season to hear horse-like bullock. (6,7)

17. Genuine boyfriend is grateful for effortless attractiveness. (7,6)

21. See 26 Down.

23. Burn the king of France in a city in Belgium! (9)

27. Soldier on Jupiter’s moon with six valid redrafts wrote ‘Spring’. (7,7)

28. Some relics must be arranged for longest day. (6,8)


2. If he switched the queen for a young cow? (6)

3. Richard the Lionheart initially held one French river. (5) 

4. From before, the Beatles’ work takes November day off. (7)

5. How to wax imperfectly: rally around me and Charlie. (7)

6. Rescue smashed vase. (4)

7. Motion a kiss, even with what a pig does. (5)

8. Alcoholic beverage has purpose. (4)

11. Sounds like you three left right in between Australian icon. (5) 

12. A notorious native of Yosemite starts to irritate. (5)

13. Essential that some relatives come back inside. (5)

14. Resorts lose measure of risk for dishonest practices. (5)

15. Reportedly drink to become sick. (3)

16. There were similarities before. (3)

18. How can some babe have success in what the JCR never does? (7) 

19. Reaching a certain place signifies a right enemy. (7)

20. Signs of a killer. (6)

22. Flower left in explosion. (5)

24. It left out lattice somehow in great display. (5)

25. Duty atop America. (4)

26, 21-across. What an American might think of the price of a Glennies? (4,3)

The Poor Print

The Poor Print is Oriel College's student newspaper, with contributions from across the JCR, MCR, SCR, and staff. Our current Executive Editors are Siddiq Islam and Jerric Chong.

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