It Snowed!

Photos selected and edited by Alex Waygood

1 - Phoebe Mansell
Radcliffe Camera, by Phoebe Mansell
2 - Edward David
Oriel 1st Quad, by Edward David
3 - Jack Blowers
Oriel 1st Quad, by Jack Blowers
4 - Edward David
Oriel Lodge, by Edward David
5 - Zijan Wei
Merton Tower, by Zijian Wei
6 - Francis Judd
Oriel Hall, by Francis Judd
7 - Jack Blowers
Oriel Square, by Jack Blowers
8 - Anna Bythell
The Senior Library, by Anna Bythell
9 - Zijan Wei
The Tree in 2nd Quad, by Zijian Wei
10 - Max Clements
The Senior Library, by Max Clements
11 - Phoebe Mansell
3rd Quad Bike Racks, by Phoebe Mansell
Phoebe M - Zijan Wei in 3rd quad (cropped).jpg
3rd Quad, by Phoebe Mansell. Feat. Zijian Wei and Beary McBearPhace
14 - Francis Judd
3rd Quad, by Francis Judd
15 - Simon Norris
Narnia Living up to its Name – by Simon Norris
Edward David - High St
The High Street, by Edward David
17 - Phoebe Mansell
Queen Street, by Phoebe Mansell
Phoebe M - Sheldonian (cropped)
The Sheldonian, by Phoebe Mansell
Edward David - Ch Ch
Christ Church Meadows Building, by Edward David
Tess - River (cropped)
by Tess Leyland
Tess - roundabout (cropped)
The Plain Roundabout, by Tess Leyland


The Poor Print

The Oriel College Student Newspaper. Run by students, with contributions from the JCR, MCR, SCR, Staff. Current Executive Editors: Monim Wains and Martin Yip

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