A Response to Mr Hull on the Merits of Metre

Following Mr Hull valiantly hoping to extort a change in his poetic style, Mr Turnbull (Poetry Editor) formally makes his response:

The Poetry Editor’s Response

To those who, with the lance of liberty
And shield of confidence, are hoping I
May overcome ‘Rhyme’s ancient tyranny,’
I must make my response and ask them, why?
Why I must be denuded of the Law,
And not from uneven meters abstain?
And darkly dwell in Chaos evermore
Once this Leviathan is rashly slain?
Excuse me! Lacking courage, lacking skill
To live with anarchy and such a world,
I ask, my friends, let me continue still.
Let Order, that great comforter, be furled
Around my loins, and Rhyme remain my light.
For then, I’ll try to walk within the night.

The Poor Print

The Oriel College Student Newspaper. Run by students, with contributions from the JCR, MCR, SCR, and Staff. Current Executive Editors: Monim Wains and Siddiq Islam

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