‘As Clear Blue Symbols Dance Before My Eyes’

by Aidan Chivers

As clear blue symbols dance before my eyes,
  And I lie still, my head upon the ground,
  Each part of me, in dappled sunshine crowned,
Wants formal shape in selfish compromise,
And hides itself in Nature’s rich disguise –
  I watch my youthful fragments form a mound
  Of former selves, which gather all around:
Each finds its home around me, breathes, and flies.
Between two trees which frame infinity,
  The cloudy dome of heaven seems to share
  Twin languages of romance and of prayer;
It sings its hymns to one divinity,
  Who whispers through the pious earth and air,
And holds me in its timeless unity.

The Poor Print

The Poor Print is Oriel College's student newspaper, with contributions from across the JCR, MCR, SCR, and staff. Our current Executive Editors are Siddiq Islam and Jerric Chong.

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