An Interview With …

by Evie Sharp

In this column, The Poor Print will interview various people around college to find out more about their everyday lives. In this issue, Evie Sharp speaks with one of the new additions to Oriel’s team of friendly porters. Carlos Giménez tells her about his favourite places, activities and memories.

1. What is your favourite pub in Oxford?

Well, to be honest, it’s the Four Candles … don’t ask me why.

2. What’s your most memorable moment so far at Oriel?

It was my first weekend here. I was very nervous, but I felt so lucky that everyone welcomed me so well, and everyone helped me. It was also when all the freshers came in for the first time, as I’ve only worked here since August.

3. What’s your favourite place in Oxford and why?

To be honest, I like the canal. I like to walk there once or twice a week and listen to some music. I’m listening to all kinds of music – I love classic music. One of my favourite singers is Whitney Houston. If I have a bad day, I just have to listen to Whitney Houston. After listening to just one of her songs I feel better. My favourite one is ‘When You Believe’ – I won’t sing it for you …

4. What are your go-to activities for a day off?

I try to go to the gym and do sports. I also like to visit my friends who live in Birmingham and London. That’s what I’m doing on Tuesday! I try to keep in touch and socialise.

5. Where are you from?

I’m from Valencia in Spain. I moved to the UK 11 years ago and I couldn’t speak a word of English. I used to work for 10 years as a restaurant manager in Spain where I had other staff members who would speak English to customers, but I couldn’t. So, one day I said, ‘I need to change this.’ I moved to the UK and taught myself English by reading English books and watching English movies with, and then without, subtitles. Now I can only watch English movies! One of my Spanish friends today said they couldn’t understand me!

The Poor Print

Established in 2013, The Poor Print is the student-run newspaper of Oriel College, Oxford, written by members of the JCR, MCR, SCR and staff. New issues are published fortnightly during term. Our current Executive Editors are Siddiq Islam and Jerric Chong.

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