Stressed About Exams This Trinity? Here’s Why You Should Go and See Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

by Hani Ali

Whether you have finals, prelims, or obscure second-year exams (why?) coming up, I can imagine you are probably under a lot of stress. Your friends are too busy to see you, the work never stops, and you’ve had to cut down on formals and other leisure activities. Why wouldn’t you be? As a self-proclaimed Good Samaritan, I am here to bestow upon you the best stress-relieving activity. Close your eyes to looming deadlines and exam timetables, visit your nearest Curzon or Odeon, and go and watch Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

Why, you ask? You probably scoff at the thought of going to watch a weird comedy–superhero–action–sci-fi blockbuster, or your favourite movie is a controversial Serbian black-and-white snuff film from 2010 and you wouldn’t dare waste your time watching a superhero film. Perhaps you haven’t watched anything Marvel since Avengers: Endgame (2019). Regardless, I can promise you that watching this movie will be sure to change your life. The feeling is comparable to little else.

For our Bradley Cooper fans (who also happen to be furries), the placement of Rocket Raccoon at the centre of the story will have you teary eyed and emotional. While for those who consider themselves fans of Doctor Who, it will be a delight to see the beloved Amy Pond (played by Karen Gillan) as the bald and blunt Nebula. I’m not sure whether Chris Pratt has any fans, but the weirdly charming and humorous portrayal of Star-Lord will be sure to pull you away from your Trinity worries.

Drag your computer science friend away from her robot bunnies in the AI course and sprint down the High Street to your favourite cinema. If your girl has left you, forgo drowning your sorrows away with alcohol and go on an adventure to Curzon. Count your blessings and thank the stars for the chance to witness Marvel’s first F-bomb on the big screen. Forget the Face Off with your tutor about your lack of complete assignments and failed collection, and marvel at the beauty that is Guardians of the Galaxy.

Music students will be overjoyed by the use of music throughout the film (although I imagine they don’t have exams and probably have quite a lot of time to go to the cinema). If you can recall the excessive use of Fleetwood Mac in the last movie, imagine that and delightfully more. Forget the combination of Spotify and problem sheets and bask in the glory of musical classics and outer space. Oh, and fans of Florence and the Machine – enjoy.

I hope I have convinced you to take three (3) hours out of your time to watch this movie, and if not, I leave you with this:

I am Groot (derogatory).

And yes, if I had to pick between passing exams and seeing this movie, I would pick seeing this movie.

The Poor Print

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