Highlights of 2017

A selection of some of 2017’s most popular articles on our website. Featured image by Max Clements – see more snowy pictures of Oxford here. Fantastic Trumps – and Where to Find Them: On Fantasy Tropes & Political Narrative Alex Waygood ‘Dwindling’ Tom Saer   The Saturday Ritual Michael Leong   What’s New About Fake […]

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The Saturday Ritual

by Michael Leong I take great joy in my Saturday ritual. Every Saturday morning, I wake up late (hopefully slightly hungover), get a shower, put on my headphones and walk as slowly as I can to Jericho Coffee. I get a takeaway short Latte, and walk, just as slowly, back to my room. If I’m […]

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‘Train Station Tear Tracks – On Trauma’

by Aaron Cawood Lights up. The bench at the train station; we sit. Only, now, in Act Two, I smile, In spite of the crowd – I feed the first line. And because you are there, I smile throughout the Act. As, because you are there, sirens pass in quiet. And, because you are there, […]

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The Power of Music

by Josh Cottell ‘Music can shine light into places where nothing else can reach.’ James Rhodes seems to sum up my thoughts exactly. A pianist by profession, his 2014 autobiography describes his journey through an abusive childhood leading to a tough relationship with mental health. His journey is certainly an inspiration to anyone, yet it […]

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by Amanda Higgin On the last day of Summer Eights, Oriel’s first crew walks away from the river exhausted and a little disappointed. A couple of promising bumps in the first races were followed by a few uneventful row-overs, leaving them the fourth boat on the river. Close enough to take the headship next year, […]

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