Chilean Slang – A Mini Language Lesson

by Christy Callaway-Gale

Ready to learn three slang words of Chilean origin? Here they are: weón, weá and weonear. What follows are most intellectually intellectual translations, thoughtfully arranged in easy-to-learn separate paragraphs (#NotStudyingAtOxfordForNothing). Pay attention reader:

Weón – ‘Mate’

Just about everyone who speaks to you here thinks you are their weón. Embrace it. #IgoreInstinctiveEnglishness

Weá – ‘Thing’

What is more, you’ll find everything around you is helpfully known as a weá . No need to learn any more vocabulary than this then. #Score

Weonear – ‘To mess around’

There may be a euphemism here. #It’sThatEnglishnessCreepingInAgain

When to use them? Always. They genuinely really are used all the time. Seriously. Now let’s put them into practice:

‘¿Que weá es esa weá, weón? Deja de weonear.’ #ThreeWordLanguage

Answer: What thing is that thing, (What are you doing/what’s that) mate. Stop messing around.

Perhaps my enamoured readers aren’t convinced by my use of slang. Do my blondness and unavoidable Englishness have something to do with it? If you want proof of my incredibly newfound foreign persona, then head over to for more slang, hashtags, and mid-essay entertainment.


The Poor Print

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