Which Sheep Are You? – The Chinese Zodiac


A googling procrastination session, something we are all familiar with, brought me to ask the Google God: ‘2015 is what animal in the Chinese Zodiac’.

For those of you who have not undergone a similar Google search, it is the sheep, the wood sheep, in fact. But low and behold, the wood sheep is just one of five types of sheep in the zodiac, each with their own characteristics: Metal Sheep, Water Sheep, Wood Sheep, Fire Sheep and Earth Sheep.

I had hit procrastination gold.

I began to recognise friend and family traits in the sheep personalities and to see things I witnessed as very ‘water sheep-esque’, for instance, which led me to ask the existential question: ‘Which sheep am I?’

Now to prevent you too from having a similar sheep-based crisis and from starting to question your very own identity I have put together five simple sheep-themed questions to determine your personal sheep persuasion:

  1. You’re sitting in a park with your friends when you notice one friend has started to munch on some grass. Do you…
  • a) Disassociate yourself from them immediately?
  • b) Join in?
  • c) Acknowledge their right to munch on that grass?
  • d) Call them up as being weird?
  • e) Ignore it so as not to cause the friend embarrassment?
  1. Someone borrows your sheepskin jacket without asking. Do you…
  • a) Admire how good the jacket looks on them
  • b) Worry that you will have to break with routine and wear something else
  • c) Say nothing to keep the peace
  • d) Freak out and exaggerate the story to others
  • e) Buy another, as a sheep-skin jacket is shear necessity

Ok, so I lied, there are only two questions but I think you get the picture. And now for the big reveal:

If you answered in response to either question with:

a) You are Metal Sheep: You only associate yourself with people who are worthy of your company. You are artistic and look for beauty in everything.

b) You are Water Sheep: You’re impressionable and follow the pack. Although you are sociable you also fear change.

c) You are Wood Sheep and right on trend for 2015: You’re accepting of others’ ways and avoid confrontation.

d) You are Fire Sheep: You follow your instincts and have a slight tendency to be melodramatic.

e) You are Earth Sheep: You are loyal to friends and family. While some items may be luxury to others, you consider them essential.

Identity crisis averted, I encourage you to go forth and Google. You never know what you might find.


 Christy Callaway-Gale





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