19/03/15: #RHODESMUSTFALL Solidarity Action on Oxford High Street

On 19/03/15, Annie Teriba and Bi Ko organised a protest on Oxford High Street to show solidarity with Rhodes Must Fall protesters at the University of Oxford. (Annie Teriba would later become prominently associated with Rhodes Must Fall.) The original post can be found here; a screenshot and copy of the event description can be found below.

#RHODESMUSTFALL Solidarity Action

Solidarity Action in support of the Rhodes Must Fall campaign at the University of Cape Town.

(Un)luckily we have a Cecil Rhodes (personification of British colonialism, of Rhodesia fame) statue ourselves.

We will be taking photos with a banner and the statue to send out SOLIDARITY to our South African comrades and join the fight to DECOLONIZE EDUCATION.

Photos will be taken from 2pm on the High Street, just beside Quod.

“A collective movement of students and staff members mobilising for direct action against the reality of institutional racism at the University of Cape Town. Formed as a direct result of the Open Air dialogue that took place on Thursday 12th of March at the University of Cape town.

The chief focus of this movement is to create avenues for REAL transformation that students and staff alike have been calling for.
Calls that the institution have thus far ignored or silenced.

While this movement may have been sparked around the issue of the Rhodes Statue: the existence of the statue is only one aspect of the social injustice of UCT. The fall of ‘Rhodes’ is symbolic for the inevitable fall of white supremacy and privilege at our campus.

UCT students, workers, academics and interested staff members refuse to be alienated in their own university. If the institution will not bring true transformation to us – we will bring it to them.

Email us at rhodesmustfall@gmail.com

A luta continua


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